MIK Technology

December 2010

Another $13 billion hedge fund has begun the implementation of MIK's Data Warehouse solution

December 2010

The MIK Data Warehouse now seamlessly interfaces with Advent Axys

November 2010

MIK continues to grow by adding two new multi-asset clients

MIK’s Data Warehouse and Security Master solution have been selected by a multi-billion dollar, multi asset-class hedge fund for implementation. In addition, a three billion dollar, long/short equity hedge fund has chosen MIK’s Real-Time Portfolio Monitor platform.

October 2010

MIK adds a multi-billion dollar Hedge Fund as a client

A multi-billion dollar Hedge Fund has selected the complete MIK Broker Relationship Suite (Event Tracker, Commissions Tracker, & Broker Vote) to facilitate their in-house broker analysis and oversight.

September 2010

HFMWeek has nominated MIK as one of the top performing technology companies for hedge funds for 2010

MIK has been selected as a finalist in two categories: 'Best fund accounting and reporting systems' and 'Best risk management and software supplier'.

June 2010

MIK has been chosen to implement the Data Warehouse platform for a prominent $13 billion hedge fund

June 2010

MIK continues its rapid growth by adding two new multi-asset hedge fund clients in June

Both clients are implementing the MIK Data Warehouse and Real-Time Portfolio Monitor platform to aggregate and report on data from their existing trading and accounting infrastructure.

May 2010

MIK adds a major Commodities Hedge Fund as a client

A major Commodities Hedge Fund has selected MIK’s commission tracking and reporting application to provide in depth analysis across the suite of brokers with whom they do business, with complete drill down to the most granular level data.

April 2010

MIK adds 2 multi-billion dollar hedge funds as clients

Two multi-billion dollar hedge funds have chosen MIK’s Data Warehouse and Reporting Platforms for full implementation.

February 2010

A $5 Billion dollar hedge fund has kicked off the implementation of MIK's Real-Time Portfolio Monitor

A $5 Billion dollar hedge fund has kicked off the implementation of MIK's Real-Time Portfolio Monitor platform for firm wide real time PnL and investment process support.