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Data Warehouse

As an asset manager you need access to information about your past, current and future investments, including performance, exposure, attribution, risk, transactions, regulatory filings, etc. Our data warehouse empowers a firm to consolidate any portfolio-related data in a single location. The proper storage of this data is the first step toward building the foundation of an integrated view of all of the firm's information so better decisions can be made.

MIK’s centralized data repository creates a company-wide standard for your data and provides powerful investment decision support and a historical warehouse to support your audit and compliance requirements.

MIK Differentiator

We look at the data warehouse as a platform to support a asset managers business, not a stand-alone product or a project objective in and of itself. The warehouse is the foundation, but not the goal. Success in designing and building data warehouses specifically for asset managers is a core competency of MIK. The flexibility of our design and business domain expertise sets us apart.

MIK Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse provides the following functions: